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Where are the buttons?


Why don't I see the same menu buttons as other users of this site?

The method that we use to create the dynamically generated menus on this site does not work with all Web browsers. Or, you may be using a version of a Web browser that we have not yet had the opportunity to validate with our system. Most people think of either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator when they think of browser versions, but there are dozens of Web browser programs out there, and while we try to locate and test as many as we can, we know we'll never be able to find them all.

So, when this system encounters a Web browser, that it doesn't know for sure can generate the regular graphic-based menu buttons correctly, the system generates a text-only menu instead. While we recognize that the graphic-based buttons are a large part of the visual appeal of any web site, our main goal is for the site to be functional for every user, and the text-only menu helps us meet that goal.

Please tell us about your Web browser

We would like to know more information about your browser, so that we might be able to provide the necessary support for the graphics-based buttons to work with it. If you click on the 'Submit browser info' button below, the type and version of the browser you are using will be sent to our Operations Staff. No personal information will be sent.

However, if you would like to be notified when support for your browser has been added, or if you would be willing to help us test your specific browser version, please fill in the appropriate fields, and this additional info will be sent along, too.

 Please notify me when menu button support is added for my browser (email address must be supplied)

 Yes, I'd be happy to help test support for my browser (email address must be supplied)

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